The Spectacular Red Lotus Sea at Baan Chiang Haeo, Tambon Chiang Haeo, Aumphoe Kumphawapi, Udon Thani Province

“Get on the Boat at Baan Chiang Haeo and Visit the Red Lotus Sea”

 “Nature created the Red Lotus Sea” is the last sentence of Udon Thani’s provincial slogan. It is the place that will mesmerize those who have a chance to behold.

“The Red Lotus Sea” is located in Chiang Haeo sub-district, Baan Chiang Haeo. It is the large lake with a wide variety of aquatic animals and birds which come to feed on fish and nectar from water lilies. The cold breeze at the end of the year signals the upcoming blooms of water lilies that are ready to exhibit their spectacle to visitors. The water lilies will fully bloom during December to February before start withering in March.

Get on the boat at Baan Chiang Haeo
In order to witness the grandeur of the Red Lotus Sea, visitors can get on the boat at Baan Chiang Haeo pier. Those who cannot swim do not need to worry since there are life jackets available on board. Everyone who boards the boat must strictly follow the safety rules and wear a life jacket. When the boat departs, the cold breeze will give you a refreshing welcome. The sunlight glitters on the water surface.

You need to make it here before the strong sunlight around mid-morning or else the water lilies will close their petals. After a moment, you will be surrounded by the red water lilies as if the lake was red. It is such a picturesque scenery. In some year, on 14 February, Udon Thani Province will hold the “Million Lotus Wedding Ceremony” event in which brides and grooms will pledge their love in front of million water lilies as their witnesses. It sure will be one of the most romantic moment in your life.

The Places to Visit at Baan Chiang Haeo

The local way of life at Baan Nhong Haeo is still fascinating. People here use the traditional way to catch fish. The fish captured will be brought both to cook and sell. There are two sacred places that spiritually anchor people here which are Pu Phaya Khom Shrine and Pu Pha Dang Shrine. Villagers will regularly visit these two places to pay an homage.

After completing the trip to visit the red lotuses, in the afternoon you can shop around the local products at Baan Chiang Haeo. Staying overnight here is also a good idea. The homestays here achieve the standard guaranteed by HomeStay Thai Club. It will sure be clean and nice. Most importantly, cooking skills of Udon Thani people is so great…

How to Get There

From Udon Thani downtown, take the national highway no. 2 for 30 kilometers. After you see Rueng Sri Temple on your right-hand side, turn left into Baan Dong Rueng Road and go straight for around 4 kilometers. Then, turn left to Po Srisamran Temple. Go past the temple for 1.5 kilometers until you see the sign telling you to turn left. After 100 meters, turn right and go straight for a short moment and you will finally arrive at Baan Chiang Haeo. For those who want to go directly to the Red Lotus Lake, go straight further. Not far from the village, the lake of red water lilies will be there to welcome you.

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