Project’s background

OTOP Nawatwithi

Connecting local wisdom and local way

The “Nawatwithi” OTOP Community Tourism project is set out to drive the country development following the project initiated by the current government, “Thai Niyom Yangyeun.” It aims to minimize domestic inequality by generating income and building development and economic strength through allowing private sector to work with the government sector in hope to achieve the vision of stability, prosperity and sustainability. This project is in line with One Tambon One Product (OTOP) project which was initiated in 2001 across all regions. The Community Development Department has been designated to supervise OTOP project in collaboration with other organizations to upgrade the products and search for various marketing channels with an intention to enhance the sales and participate in international trade. This requires a transition of OTOP market in local economy to the Demand Driven Local Economy which can be done through turning local charms, wisdom, way of life, culture and creativity into income, making it worthy of tourist visit and expenditure. In this way, income distribution will be dispersed among locals and therefore strengthen the community and truly develop the grassroots economy.

The policy of the Community Development Department who holds main responsibility will follow the government’s policy in “OTOP Nawatwithi Community Tourism,” so there is an urgency to publicly promote the project to reach the target group as well as creating awareness for general public. Accordingly, the Community Development Department thus has set up an online promotional and marketing plan.


  • To improve grassroots economy to generate income for local community by uplifting quality of life for people across the board, stimulating economy and strengthening society
  • To connect traveling route (major cities, minor cities and local community) to be more attractive and prepared for the OTOP Nawatwithi Community Tourism
  • To build and develop personnel, entrepreneurs and related agents in OTOP Nawatwithi Community Tourism in order to enhance their creativity so they can apply such creativity with community appropriately

Locals gain career development, more income and the grassroots economy is enhanced by connecting 3,273 villages of OTOP Nawatwithi Community Tourism to major and minor traveling routes and tourist attractions. Income is distributed to local entrepreneurs. Locals will develop more 64,570 Quadrant D OTOP products as tools to build strength within the local community. This will truly improve the grassroots economy, build a smile and bring back happiness to all Thais.

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