Extraordinary Woven Textile Market, Ban Na Kha, Amphoe Mueang Udon Thani, Udon Thani

“Silk is life,Ban Na Kha’s Khid-patterned silk”

It is impossible to talk about the best silk-producing region without thinking of Udon Thani and its unique “Khid-patterned” thread-embroidered silk which is well-known internationally. The top woven-textile community in Udon Thani is “Ban Na Kha.”

Visit Ban Na Khaand experience with your eyes the Khid-patterned silk.

Ban Na Kha, located in Tambon Na Kha at 40 kilometers away from Amphoe Mueang Udon Thani, is a village famous for its woven textiles. The people of Ban Na Kha have weaving embedded in their way of life, from weaving to delivering the silk to customers’ hands. Approaching Ban Na Kha, you will see villagers sit weaving on their looms in their house rhythmicallyand spinning the spindle to create a charming pattern for their textiles. All silk products from the village have a dazzling and exquisite signature, but the most distinguished one is Khid-patterned silk.

Khid-patterned silk is a delicate Ikat Thai silk or “Mudmee” that has a unique convex pattern knitted onto the fabric. If you’re interested in buying one, shopping around for the perfect one is unnecessarybecause all the most beautiful masterpieces are all available at “Ban Na Kha Woven Textile Market,” a center of the woven textile works.

Ban Na Kha Woven Textile Market, a final destination of all the textiles from Tambon Na Kha, is a small street filledwith many colorful silk stacks, now consisting of 200 silk shops. Walking and shopping here are surely fulfilling.


Starting from the downtown of Udon Thani, you can go along Mittraphap Highway 2 for approximately 18 kilometers until you see Ban Na Kha tourist attraction’s sign. If you’re looking for an exquisite and meticulous woven silk, Ban Na Kha is the best choice for your trip.

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