Discover the Traditional Way of Life of Phutai at Ban Phon

“Phutai Culture and PhraeWa Silk”

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the urban cities, take a break from what has kept you worried, leave it all at home, pack you bag, and go to explore the Northeastern region of varied and fascinating cultures at Ban Phon — a home to the notable PraweWa Silk.

The Lifestyle of Ban Phon’sPhutai

“PhraeWaKalasin” is a famous phrase many have heard, and today we’ll get to the root of where this word originated and came into fame. Ban Phon, the major PhraeWa silk maker and supplier of Kalasin, is a small village steeped in Phutai culture that has a very distinctive charm manifest in various aspects including lifestyle, tradition, folk dance, and PhraeWa silk apparels hand-woven by the people of Ban Phon.

As Phutai locals believe in PhayaNagas (mythical serpent-like creatures), PhraeWa silk fabrics of Ban Phon are primarily woven into many naga-inspired patterns. If you want to see how PhraeWa silks are woven, you should pay a visit to the Phutai Ban Phon cultural center and experience with your own eyes the traditional way of making PhraeWa silk fabrics from sericulture to the process where the final thread completes an elegant silk-woven textile.

AengLek Check-in at Ban Phon

If you have a plan to go to Phutai Ban Phon, you should stop by at Wat PahRangsiPaliwan Temple to pay homage to PhraBorommathat Chedi Thit Silom Maha Thera Nusorn that contains the bones of Luang Pu Kien (Venerable Kien) for good fortune before heading straight to appreciate the beauty of PhraeWa silk weaving. As a hungry soul comes with a hungry stomach, you’ll get to try and taste Isaan dishes hand-cooked by the Ban Phonlocals.Here at Ban Phon, many types of homestay accommodations are also available. Each provides a full set of facilities, with unique atmospheres characteristic of different aspects of the lifestyle of Phutai at Ban Phon that you’ll enjoy indulging yourself in.


Starting from the city of Kalasin, you can go along the national highway 12 for approximately 41 kilometers, turn left at Somdet Intersection to the road 2041, go ahead for about 13 kilometers, turn right at Ban Sang Siew inspection station to the national highway 227, and go straight for around 15 kilometers, and Ban Phon will stand there waiting for you to explore its local charm.


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