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Explore the land of Pang Mapha, the land in mist.  Learn the way of life ofhill tribes and promote an ecotourism. Along the way, a small car travel through the winding mountain ranges and thousand corners of the road toward Baan Ja Bo, Amphoe Pang Mapha, Mae Hongsorn Province. We are going to visit the […]

13 Nov 2018

For those who like to explore the unseen or experience rare natural phenomenon, the community of “PhuengRoi Rang” will not disappoint. Located at Ban SaitreePhatthana 3, Moo 10, Bueng Charoen, Ban Kruat District, Buriram, the community of “PhuengRoi Rang” derived from the number of beehives nearby the sacred Ton Sai (Banyan Tree) where it has […]

5 Nov 2018

For those who are looking for a getaway destination nearby Bangkok that is filled with exciting activities, why not visit Ban KhaoYai. Located in Pluang Thong sub-district, Bo Thong district, Chon Buri, Ban KhaoYai is just a short drive away from Bangkok. The small community is filled with the richness of nature and home to […]

5 Nov 2018

“Phutai Culture and PhraeWa Silk” Escape from the hustle and bustle of the urban cities, take a break from what has kept you worried, leave it all at home, pack you bag, and go to explore the Northeastern region of varied and fascinating cultures at Ban Phon — a home to the notable PraweWa Silk. […]

5 Nov 2018

“Flower Parade and Wat Sri Pho Chai”           What are things that remind you of Songkran festival? Certainly, patting others’ body with soft-prepared chalk, splashing water, and pouring water on the hands of respectful elders and asking them for blessing are highlights of the festival. In Ban Sang Napa located in Loei province, they are […]

1 Nov 2018

“Silk is life,Ban Na Kha’s Khid-patterned silk” It is impossible to talk about the best silk-producing region without thinking of Udon Thani and its unique “Khid-patterned” thread-embroidered silk which is well-known internationally. The top woven-textile community in Udon Thani is “Ban Na Kha.” Visit Ban Na Khaand experience with your eyes the Khid-patterned silk. Ban […]

27 Oct 2018

“Ban Chiang” is the origin of Thai archeology, first discovered by American teenagers who stumbled on a tree’s root leading to remains of broken ceramics that showed peculiar red paints and patterns. It was later discovered that the remains of the broken ceramics, as used by local children to play with their friends, were products […]

27 Oct 2018

“Get on the Boat at Baan Chiang Haeo and Visit the Red Lotus Sea”  “Nature created the Red Lotus Sea” is the last sentence of Udon Thani’s provincial slogan. It is the place that will mesmerize those who have a chance to behold. “The Red Lotus Sea” is located in Chiang Haeo sub-district, Baan Chiang […]

27 Oct 2018

“To Tai Dam Village and Excellent Textiles” Today we’re going to get to know a very unique, indigenous group of people known as “Tai Dam” or “Black Thai.” The Tai Dam had its origin in SipsongChutai and XiengKhouang in Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Northern Vietnam. They immigrated to Siam or Thailand around the period […]

27 Oct 2018

 “Former battlefield, life with nature, ubiquitous Wild Himalayan Cherry”           Story has it that during November 1976 in the North Eastern part of Thailand, the sound of bombs burst everywhere and literally thousands of bullets rained like precipitation. It was part of the battlefield of PhuHinRongKla where brave soldiers defended the sovereignty of a nation […]

22 Oct 2018

“Artistic cross stich and basketry, excellent local food and Mien Culture”           When talked about ethnic group living in Thailand, many often think of ethnic groups who live up hill on a summit with extremely cold weather. Who would think that maybe somewhere downhill, nearly the upper part of the central plain, an ethnic group […]

22 Oct 2018

“Precious RongNgae monastery, Tai Lue wisdom and ancient patterned hand-woven textile” The breezy northern dialect music touches the ear from afar. Rumor has it that it was a singing tale of “Long Ka 10 Headed King” or Tos-sa-kan. Its harmony easily makes us drift into the tune. Another side is theTai Lue dancerdelicately and beautifully […]

21 Oct 2018

“Travel happily, MahaPoh style” If a slow Lanna tourist destination is discussed, surely Baan MahaPoh, in TambonNaiWieng, Nan will be the topic because here is famous for being a tourist town filled with Lanna culture. Everywhere you look are monasteries, smiley Nan locals and simple and slow way of life. When you connect all the […]

21 Oct 2018

Come experience a range of mountains and a cute little village that will make you feel an urge to spread a word. It’s “Bo Klua” in Nan Province. Along the road, we come across such an abundant nature that should be so preserved that, deep down inside, we don’t want to expose this untouched verdant […]

5 Oct 2018

The sun is glistening, reflecting the eyes. The car moves slowly in this late rainy season approaching winter through locals to the new tourist communities, Chiang Saen. Does Chiang Saen ring the bell for a lot of people? As we said earlier, this trip is a local trip. It is common that each time people […]

5 Oct 2018

“Woodcraft, natural colored cotton, livestock and farm, rice and coffee, all organic” Baan Sam Kha (literally translated as Three-Leg House), Tambon Hua Sue, Amphur Mae Tha, Lampang may have a strange name. Its name was originally derived from the legend of the village as local folklore about the relocation of ancestors from Baan Lao NhongPlong, […]

5 Oct 2018

Which beach to go? This question may lead to many answers but eventually it will end with “KoPha-ngan” Once the name of KoPha-ngan pops up, all my friends are saying in one loud voice, “Full-moon Party.” But no. Not this time. This trip is for us to be absorbed in nature and observe the fisherman’s […]

5 Oct 2018

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