Ban KhaoYai— Our Next-door Nature

For those who are looking for a getaway destination nearby Bangkok that is filled with exciting activities, why not visit Ban KhaoYai. Located in Pluang Thong sub-district, Bo Thong district, Chon Buri, Ban KhaoYai is just a short drive away from Bangkok. The small community is filled with the richness of nature and home to the headwater of the Prasae River. For those who enjoy admiring waterfall cascading from the sky in the cool forest, this place will delight you.

Tourist who come by usually begin their journey by paying respect at WatKhaoChaeng Plunge Thong where the divine LuangPor Buddha DhammaJak the 85th enshrines. The cool breeze fills the atmosphere of the temple so this is definitely a place you should not miss.

Another statue that resides nearby is LuangPorThun Jai. It is rumored that the villagers had come together to build the great white Buddha statue within one day. After talking a stroll around the temple, visitors can enjoy a boat ride along the Prasae River where beautiful scenery fills both sides of the banks.

The highlight does not end there, apart from the splendid boat ride, tourists have the opportunity to see the rare tree of Ton Yangna, a tree His Majesty King Rama IX bestowed to the villagers to nourish. Being able to experience this spectacular tree is a blessing as it is the representation of the love and loyalty the community have towards His Majesty King Rama IX.

Completing the boat ride, visitors can explore the Lotus Cave (ThamPhaSaiSilaNgam) to see another element of beauty. The cave is filled with strange yet remarkable stalactites and stalagmite which are difficult to find.

In addition to the exquisite natural beauty, the cave has long been a sacred area where pilgrims often come to meditate. It can be said that this is an auspicious journey for tourist for they have the chance to learn about the areas of the villagers, experience the life of the locals, and pay respect to sacred places. So, take your time to relax and enjoy the experience, but do not forget to grab some souvenir before you leave as Ban KhaoYai is prominent for what is known to be the king of fruits–durians. Because of its fertile land due to its source of water, plants here cultivate greatly producing a variety of products such as jackfruit chips, preserved pineapple, and banana local snacks including KluayPeidSaKad and KluayKayao.

For those who are tired of the same old trips, come and visit Ban KhaoYaiPluang, Thong sub-district, Bo Thong district, Chon Buri, Ban KhaoYai as it is our next-door nature.


The location is 148 kilometers or about 2 hours from Bangkok. It is approximately 22 kilometers from Bo Thong district.


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